Word-of-mouth is still one of your greatest weapons when promoting your business. And word-of-mouth isn’t dead, it’s just changed address.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is a collection of online communication channels designed to encourage interaction, communication and collaboration. In an increasingly digital marketplace, you’d be forgiven for thinking that traditional sales and promotion techniques were a thing of the past. But Social Media Marketing is the new forum for word-of-mouth recommendations.


And Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat bring far greater opportunities to spread the word. Social Media allows anyone to share what they like or feel with a much wider audience. If the content is good, it will get passed on to more and more people. You’ve probably heard the term “viral” in relation to online marketing. It’s a great description and simply means that something is spreading quickly to a wide audience. And conversations that start online are not exclusively digital; they overlap in to the “real” world. 1 in 4 word-of-mouth conversations about businesses are triggered through online exposure.

So it’s vital to get your Social Media house in order.


When considering social media marketing, it is important to remember that one-size most definitely does not fit all. Some businesses “fit” better on Facebook, others on Twitter. Some across all social media platforms.  It largely depends what you do, what you want to say, how often and most importantly, where your target customers are likely to be hanging out.

If you’re thinking of ramping up your Social Media Marketing, or just don’t know where to start, give us a call.