Website Design

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The right website for your business

A good website, just like good software, is not about IT or fancy graphics; it’s about understanding your business, your customers and what they want.

It’s not difficult to design a pretty website that is simply ‘window dressing’. But is that really what you need? Everything we do is designed to help your business to grow.


  • Brochure sites that don’t just make you look good but actually encourage people to do business with you.
    Perfect for small to medium sized companies who need an online sales presence that works for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Brochure sites give an overview of your company, the goods or services you provide and a means for potential customers to contact you.

  • Ecommerce websites that enable customers to browse your products or services, place orders online and process payments.
    If you sell a range of products, or have a selection of services that you would like customers to be able to purchase there and then, an eCommerce site is for you. The site will allow customers to place orders and make payments; automatically notifying you of order requests and the payment status. You can then fulfil orders and update stock levels manually.

  • Fully integrated sites that not only incorporate eCommerce functionality but seamlessly link with your sales order processes, accounting systems and stock control.
    For businesses that manage numerous transactions, have extensive product catalogues or require higher levels of automation in their sales processes to improve efficiency and eliminate errors.

  • Tailored websites and accounts packages that are designed specifically to work together in order to manage complicated processes or demanding applications.
    With nearly 40 years experience writing accounts packages and business software, we are uniquely placed to design websites that can perform specific functions, manage volume sales and work exactly the way you need. Why constrain your business by compromising what your website and integrated accounts systems can achieve?