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Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus COVID-19

As measures to tackle Coronavirus in the UK continue to gather momentum, we want to provide you with reassurance that we have taken the steps necessary to minimise the impact on our ability to support the needs of our customers.

Picking the perfect domain name

Picking the perfect domain name Your domain name (also known as a web address or URL) is the www. bit that you use whenever you are telling people the name of your business online. Our domain name is This works for us because our trading name also clearly states what we do. Your domain… Read more

Understanding your customers

Understanding how customers use your website

How will customers interact with your website? If you ask us to build you a new website, the designers at our Somerset HQ will continually apply what we learn about your customers. By doing this, we ensure that your site isn’t created the way we want it to be. And it isn’t designed just to… Read more

Can your eCommerce website generate local sales?

Can your eCommerce website generate local sales? Absolutely. Benchmark Web Design is based in rural Somerset. We have clients throughout the UK, but many of our customers are located in the South West. And although they often found us online, they like the fact that we can visit them and get to know how they… Read more